A segmental block retaining wall provides a practical and effective method of shaping and controlling land that may otherwise be wasted. With the correct reinforcing and drainage design this wall can retain an embankment in excess of 5 meters high.

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At Mondo Paving and Retaining Walls we specialise in this form of structure. You may want to create a platform in a restricted space; make way for an extension on a building; build a wall with a solid rock face; or install the wall blocks open jointed and plant over with lush vegetation that enhances visual impact. The cost of the segmental retaining wall is substantially less than a traditional upright concrete wall. It is also quicker to install and can be used immediately since the concrete blocks are already at full strength.

1How high can the wall be raised?
A retaining wall is designed to take whatever loading is necessary. It can retain embankments as high as 8 or 9 meters; however, the design and cost of the structure depends largely on soil conditions and loading above the wall.
2Can the wall be vertical?
Some block types can be built vertically. In this case the reinforcing behind the wall needs to increase substantially, and be priced accordingly. Most walls are cost effective when built at 70 degrees from vertical.
3Are retaining walls as strong as conventional walls?
If designed and constructed correctly they are every bit as strong. Since the strength of the wall depends on the soil type, loading, and height, it should simply be designed for those parameters.
4Which plants are best used as coverage?
Plants that grow well in full sun, and that like to be potted, will thrive in the open spaces of the retaining wall. Most indigenous ground covers should also spread well.
5What is the cost per square meter?
Price varies dramatically depending on the factors to influence the design. These are:
  • Back slope
  • Soil conditions
  • Drainage
  • Height
  • Loading above the wall
  • Type of block used

As a general rule the price will vary between R450.00 per square meter and R750.00 per square meter. It is essential that each wall is measured and priced by our sales consultants.
6What colours are available?
Although most retaining wall blocks are grey, some are produced in terracotta, sand and tan. The decision regarding colour must be made before the wall is priced.