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Mondo’s Recommended Fibre & LTE Speeds:
What speed do you need?
What speed do you need?
0-10 Mbps
10-20 Mbps
50-100 Mbps
100-200 Mbps
Check email
Streaming music on one device
Searching on Google
Streaming video on one device 
Video calling with Skype or FaceTime 
Online gaming for one player 
Streaming HD video on a few devices  
Multiplayer online gaming  
Downloading large files  
Streaming video in UHD on multiple devices   
Downloading files quickly   
Gaming online for multiple players   
Doing a lot of almost anything    
What is the difference between Fibre & LTE?

Fibre is the fastest and most reliable Internet connection you can get. Fibre makes use of Fibre-optic cables that are installed on your property and connected to a central modem and router. You can then connect devices either through cables, for the fastest speeds, or via WiFi for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Depending on your package, you can get speeds of up to 200Mbps with a Fibre connection.


LTE is a global standard for wireless data communications, enabling faster wireless Internet access on mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices like laptop computers and smart TVs.

LTE connects to the internet wirelessly through a fixed router installed in your home. It is capable of delivering speeds of up to 50Mbps, depending on network coverage, signal strength and factors such as positioning of the router, number of connections, as well as obstacles like walls that may cause interference.

Difference between fibre & LTE
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