Telkom's Range of Mobile Products

Let’s get you up to speed with all of the incredible plans on offer from Telkom, which boasts some of the cheapest call and data rates in South Africa.

We’re talking rates from as low as R0.30 per MB (out-of-bundle data rate), R0.30 per SMS and R0.70 per minute.

Your Self Serve Options
Telkom Mobile Customer Care081 180
Balance check*188#
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Telkom FreeMe Boost*180#

We understand that everyone’s needs aren’t the same. This is why Telkom mobile plans come in two distinct options - Open Line and Top Up.

Top Up

Top Up means you are in complete control and will never be surprised by an unexpected bill or debit at the end of the month. You can purchase airtime and additional data, voice minutes and SMS bundles by downloading the Telkom App or by visiting your local supermarket or Telkom store.

Open Line

Open Line means you can access Telkom’s incredibly affordable out-of-bundle data, voice minutes or SMS’s once your allocated amounts are depleted. To ensure you don’t receive any surprise bills or debits at the end of the month, you can contact Customer Care on 081 180 to set a usage cap or change your out-of-bundle limit.

You get exceptional value when you use your purchased airtime or Open Line account to load bundles. Check out our competitive packages for data and voice minute bundles below:

Telkom Packages

FreeMe 10GB
FreeMe 10GB Top Up
FreeMe 1.5GB Top Up
FreeMe 1GB
FreeMe 1GB Top Up
FreeMe 20GB
FreeMe 2GB
FreeMe 2GB Top Up
FreeMe 3GB Top Up
FreeMe 500MB Top Up
FreeMe 5GB
FreeMe 5GB Top Up
FreeMe 6GB Top Up
FreeMe 800MB TopUp
Mobile Data 4GB TopUp
Mobile Data 6GB TopUp
Smart Broadband Wireless 10GB
Smart Broadband Wireless 10GB Top Up
SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB
Smart Broadband Wireless 20GB Top Up
Smart Broadband Wireless 40GB
Smart Broadband Wireless 40GB Top Up
Smart Broadband Wireless 60GB Top Up
SmartBroadband Wireless Unlimited All Hours

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