What is Telkom FreeMe? Your FAQs Answered!

Staff Writer / 10-02-2020 / News

What is Telkom FreeMe? Your FAQs Answered! Telkom’s incredible range of FreeMe plans were designed to let you choose how much data you need per month, starting from 500MB and going all the way up to an Unlimited data plan. In addition to inclusive data, all FreeMe plans include free calls to Telkom mobile and landline numbers, free instant messaging on WhatsApp, BBM and Viber, 50 free SMSs per day, as well as access to free Wi-Fi at any Telkom hotspot in South Africa. That’s already a lot of value, but Telkom has taken it a step further by including LIT music and LIT video streaming data, at no additional cost, on select FreeMe plans. Things can get a little confusing thanks to all these value-added services, so we’ve decided to give you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the FreeMe range of plans from Telkom.

What exactly do you get for free on a Telkom FreeMe plan? - Free calls to Telkom mobile and landline numbers. - Free Instant Messaging, including WhatsApp and Viber. - Free SMS messages. - Free Wi-Fi access at any Telkom hotspot in South Africa. - Free LIT_ music on the FreeMe 2GB plan. - Free LIT_ musicand video on FreeMe 5GB, 10GB, 20GB and Unlimited plans.

What Fair Usage Policies apply to Telkom FreeMe plans? - Up to 2GB per month of instant messaging data for WhatsApp, Viber and BBM. - Up to 3000 minutes per month on calls to Telkom mobile and landline numbers. - Up to 50 SMSs per day. - Up to 10GB of LIT music streaming and 50GB of LIT video streaming on selected plans per month. LIT video streaming data is restricted to standard definitions videos streamed at 360p resolution from content partners. - Up to 1500 free minutes per month on calls to other networks in South Africa on FreeMe 20GB plan. - Up to 3000 free minutes per month on calls to other networks in South Africa on a FreeMe Unlimited plan.

What are the out-of-bundle rates on Telkom FreeMe plans? - Voice calls: 70c per minute (billed per second) - Data: 30c per MB - SMS: 30c per SMS (160 characters) - MMS: 50c (300KB)

Can you top up data on FreeMe plans?

Yes, with a FreeMe top up bundle, you not only get a data top up, but also more freebies, such as WhatsApp data.

What are FreeMe Voice Bundles?

FreeMe All-Network voice bundles are available exclusively on FreeMe plans. These minutes can be used to call anynumber on a national mobilenetwork within South Africa.

What is Telkom LIT?

Telkom LIT is a data streaming product created for the FreeMe range of plans that focuses on dedicated data for streaming music, movies and TV shows from premium content providers without using up inclusive monthly data. LIT music is included with all FreeMe 2GB and higher plans, while LIT video is included in all FreeMe 5GB and higher plans at no additional cost. LIT streaming bundles are available for all other Telkom mobile plans.

Does Telkom LIT Support Netflix?

Yes, you can use your Telkom LIT video data to stream videos from Netflix, as well as ShowMax and YouTube. Subscriptions to these services are not included.

Does Telkom LIT Support DSTV Now?

No, you cannot stream DSTV Now using your LIT video data.

Does Telkom LIT support Apple Music and Google Play Music?

Yes, LIT supports Apple Music, Google Play Music, Simfy and Cliff Central.

Will international calling and roaming be included in FreeMe calling minutes?

No, international calling and roaming are excluded on FreeMe plans and are charged at applicable international call rates.


It’s Time to Bury the BlackBerry

From being a must-have for most South Africans, to almost disappearing from the market, where exactly has it all gone wrong for BlackBerry , which was once one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers? A Rise to Undisputed Dominance Founded 21 years ago, a BlackBerry was once the ultimate smartphone in the global market. Their phones had features that left competitors in the dust at the time. They broke new ground with the release of the BlackBerry 850, the first phone that could access email on the go. BlackBerry then introduced a reduced-key keyboard using ‘SureType’ technology, which worked really well with BlackBerry Messenger, commonly known as BBM, their instant messaging service. This also helped them gain popularity amongst a younger generation of customers. The Crumbling of a Goliath At the pinnacle of their popularity, a new smartphone burst onto the scene, which soon proved to be BlackBerry’s downfall. In 2007, the first iPhone was revealed by Steve Jobs, revolutionizing the smartphone industry. With a virtual keyboard, glass screen and a built-in iPod, it left competitors scratching their heads. Apple continued to grow in the smartphone industry, focusing on the billions of customers they could now reach, whereas BlackBerry continued to focus on their much smaller customer base instead of seeing the bigger picture. This was never a sustainable strategy because in such a saturated market, you either adapt or die. Subsequently, BlackBerry lost ground to their competitors, leaving them with only 23 million global users by 2018, which is a drop in the smartphone industry ocean. BlackBerry’s Bleak Future BlackBerry has indeed been dying a very slow death, so much so that TCL Communication , the owner of BlackBerry, has decided to halt production of all Blackberry branded smartphones as of 31 August 2020. First Nokia, now BlackBerry. Will we have another giant fall from grace in the near future?


Google Maps Features You Didn’t Know Existed!

Before the release of Google Maps in 2005, it was quite challenging to find your way to an unknown location, even when using a printed map. In fact, many marriages were probably saved by the invention of Google Maps. Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine a world without it. A lot of people don’t know that, aside from directing you to your destination, the Google maps app is packed with many great features and capabilities that will make your trip even easier. Here’s the best Google Maps features you should start using today: Date Many people only use Google Maps to search for directions to their destination, but the app can take it a step further by providing you with more accurate, real-time details. If you enter the date you’ll be travelling on a particular route, the system will be able to factor in traffic and other variables and provide you with the best information possible. Favourites Accessing Google Maps when you’re in a hurry can be cumbersome. You can save time by adding your favourite destinations to the app. Simply select “Your Places”, tap on the “Saved” tab and then choose “Favourites”. Press the “Add” button to save some of your favourite spots for easy access. Download for Offline Use Google Maps uses an internet connection to keep you updated with the latest traffic routes. However, if you’re going to travel to a remote area with limited or no network coverage, you can actually download the map that you need from Google Maps. All you need to do is search for your destination, scroll to the bottom of a page and click on “Directions”. You’ll now be able to swipe over and get the option to download. If you don’t see this, search for your destination, click on the menu and select “Offline Maps” and then “Custom Map”. It’s important to note that while using this feature, you won’t get any live traffic information due to the lack of an internet connection. Parking Google Maps doesn’t just help you get to your destination, it can also help you find parking once you’re there. Look for the “P” icon with a circle around it next to the estimated time it will take to get there, and it will inform you if parking is limited at that location. Sharing your Location If you’re visiting someone and want them to know what time they can expect you, simply share your live location with them and they’ll be able to see exactly where you are throughout your whole journey. To do this, click the estimated time of arrival at the bottom of your screen, select “Share Trip Progress” and you will be directed to your Contacts where you can choose the person you want to share your location with. This can be shared via text message, email or instant message.


Can You Get a Phone Contract with Bad Credit?

Have you ever applied for a cell phone contract and were turned down because you have a low credit score? The mobile networks in South Africa have become more stringent when deciding who to approve or decline for mobile contracts, so if you have a poor credit score or have been “blacklisted”, chances are you may not qualify for most mobile contracts. In 2015, a whopping 80% of cell phone applications were declined by the major SA networks due to low credit scores. Put simply, only two out of ten people were successful in applying for a mobile contract, even though they may have had a job or even paid their bills on time. Each network has their own credit score cards with requirements that need to be met before being approved for a cell phone contract. The good news, however, is that people with bad credit have options available to them, depending on their individual credit scores. For example, you may apply for a Samsung S10 deal but, due to your score, you may only qualify for a deal bundled with a Samsung A10 smartphone or even a SIM-only deal , that gives you the benefits of a contract without the subsidised handset or router. Mondo carries a wide range of mobile deals from Telkom, Vodacom and MTN to give customers more choice and a better chance at qualifying for a cellular deal. If your application is declined, the other option you have is to obtain your credit score from local credit bureaus such as Trans Union ITC and Experian. Thereafter, you need to work on improving your credit score and profile. Make sure you pay all credit instalments that are due at the end of the month, in full and on time. If you can’t make your minimum monthly repayment, ensure you contact the company you owe money to and arrange a more affordable payment plan to keep you from being blacklisted. If there are no judgements against your name and you have a decent credit record with banks or businesses such as clothing stores, you have a good chance of being approved for your next mobile contract. Need more credit advice? Check out this helpful article: Why Was My Application for a Cell Phone Contract Declined?