A Guide to Better Smartphone Photography: Tips and Tricks

Staff Writer / 08-09-2020 / News

The world of photography has evolved in leaps and bounds since the invention of the camera. Just a few decades ago, the best that everyday consumers could do were cumbersome cameras with rolls of film and disposable flashlights, but then along came digital cameras and finally, smartphone cameras, which changed the game and gave amateur photographers pretty much the same tools as their professional counterparts.

Today, almost every person is a photographer thanks to the technological advances of the smartphone. However, taking pro-quality pics requires a little more knowledge than simply touching a shutter button, so we’ve put together this handy guide of tips and tricks to help you master the art of smartphone photography.

Clean the Lens

This is often overlooked on smartphones. Before you’re about to capture lasting memories, it’s a good idea to wipe down the lens. Sure, you may assume your jeans are the ideal spot to rub it down, but over time, you will damage the lens. Rather use a soft, microfibre cloth to remove any dirt from the camera lens and you’re good to go.

The Rule of Thirds

Professional photographers apply the rule of thirds to capture the perfect image. According to this theory, the screen is split into nine equal blocks, forming a three by three grid in front of you. The key is to have the most important parts of your image in the section where the lines intersect. As a result, your image is well-balanced and level, which is more appealing to viewers. You can access the grid by checking your smartphones camera settings as it’s available on both Android and Apple products.

Fix Your Focus

When you whip out your smartphone, it immediately focuses on the objects closest to the camera lens. However, you may want to capture an image that is further away than your lens is sensing. All you have to do is adjust the focus of the lens. You do this by simply tapping on the object on your screen. You may find a square or circle icon on the screen which allows you to shift the focus to any object in your view.

Highlighting the Subject

There’s always an interesting point in every image you snap. When you decide on what that subject is, take the picture so that the subject stands out as the focal point of the image. The professionals recommend that the subject doesn’t fill the entire frame and instead two-thirds of the frame should be negative space, helping the subject to stand out. Tapping your screen to focus on the subject further assists with highlighting the subject. Post-production work could be handy here by improving colours or brightness to bring attention to the subject.

Find an Angle

This is where you allow your creative juices to flow. Taking photos from various angles not only makes the image unique but creates an illusion of depth or height. Focusing the camera upward and using the empty sky as negative space is different. It’s the same with taking pics from higher up of a subject below.

The Importance of Light

The flash on smartphones isn’t bright enough to create astonishing images, especially if the subject of the shot is far away. Always use as much natural light as possible so you don’t have to rely on artificial lighting. The colours are truer in natural light, which makes the images sharper. Furthermore, always ensure your subjects have light shining on them from the front instead of the back. When there’s a strong light source coming from behind, you will end up with a dark silhouette of the subject.

Keep Steady

It is difficult with a smartphone but if you want high-quality pictures, you have to steady your shot. Even the slightest movement could ruin a great picture. Invest in a tripod or use your other arm to ensure the smartphone remains still.

Take Photo Bursts

The days of considering the amount of film you have left are long gone. You should have enough storage capacity built in to your phone or by using an SD card to allow you the freedom to take photo bursts. Essentially, holding down the shutter button allows the phone to snap multiple images, which is great if you’re shooting a sporting event or if you have that one family member that always closes their eyes. Photo bursts solves that problem as you can save the images you love and delete the rest. Head to your camera settings to activate photo bursts, available for both Apple and Android.

Get in Close

It’s tempting to use the zoom function on your smartphone, but it will never produce superior quality photos. There will be a hint of pixelation or a grainy effect. To avoid this, get as close to your subject as possible. Unless of course, you’re capturing wild animals.

Third-Party Camera

You don’t have to settle for the default camera on your smartphone. There are a variety of third-party camera apps which give you so much more. Afterlight is a prime example for both iOS and Android. It allows you to control shutter speed and other factors, such as filters. Editing photos on Instagram is also a good option, but third-party apps tend to do a better job.

Candid Camera

While posing for photos is the default way everybody takes pics, it’s much more interesting to capture candid shots. People in the act of doing something are far more interesting and can tell a story much better than any posed shot can do.

Don’t Be Afraid to Edit

Capturing images with your smartphone camera is only the first step of the process. You must focus on editing and put in the time to understand the various factors you can add or subtract from an image. There’s a wide range of filters available that takes an ordinary photo and transforms it into something special. Spend time with your editing apps and learn every aspect of the editor to make your pictures stand out.

Happy Snapping!


A Guide to the Best Data Deals & Contracts in South Africa (2022)

Are you searching for the best mobile data deals from the biggest networks in South Africa? We know the search can get complicated with so many options from Telkom, MTN and Vodacom these days.At Mondo, we want to make it easier for you to find a mobile data deal that’s best suited to your needs. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful, detailed guide with all the data deals in one place to help you compare what’s available right now.This guide gives you a snapshot of prepaid data options from Telkom, Vodacom and MTN. It then takes a deep dive into 24 or 36-month mobile data contracts available right now to help you make the smartest decision. This guide covers:The Best Telkom Data Deals in 2022The Best Vodacom Data Deals in 2022The Best MTN Data Deals in 2022Both prepaid and contract data deal options offer affordable rates with an emphasis on data that you can use anytime, on any platform. The best data deals available from each network right now are:Telkom:FreeMeFlexOnInfinite Vodacom:Vodacom Data Price PlanRed Red Core Red VIPMTN:Mega GigsMy MTNChoiceSkyLet’s get started with our breakdown of each network’s best data deals.   Telkom Data DealsIn this section, we’ll look at the best data deals from Telkom. Telkom Prepaid Mobile DataIf you prefer getting your Telkom mobile data on the go, the service provider offers affordable once-off prepaid options that suit light to heavy internet users. These can be used at any time and on any platform. What’s more, if you have prepaid Telkom mobile at your fingertips, you have access to the most affordable 1GB and 2GB data prices in South Africa. Look at you saving money! Without further ado, let’s take a look at how Telkom does standard prepaid data: GBs you getValidity (T&C’S apply)Price    35MB6 months R775MB6 monthsR14150MB6 months R29300MB6 months R49500MB6 months R691GB2 monthsR792GB2 monthsR1393GB2 monthsR1995GB2 monthsR29910GB2 monthsR46920GB6 months R69950GB6 months R1499100GB12 months R2499 Besides the standard stuff, Telkom also offers FreeMe prepaid bundles that can be purchased once-off or on a recurring basis. Telkom Mobile Data Contracts Prepaid options are great, but for those who require better rates and bigger perks, it doesn’t get better than mobile data contracts. If you’re in the market for the best Telkom Data Deal in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Telkom recently hit the drawing board and reimagined mobile data in South Africa. The new plans are flexible, affordable, and all-inclusive. It’s mobile data that is designed to take you further for less. Let’s dive into the contract Telkom data plans you can get today.FreeMeLaunched in 2016, FreeMe mobile data contracts offer unbeatable value at great rates that get better the higher your plan. It boasts 6 exclusive plans on a 24 or 36-month contract with an all-inclusive experience, featuring: All-network data (For roaming)WhatsApp data (Calls and messages)Streaming data (For YouTube, Netflix, and more)Telkom-to-Telkom/On-network minutes (Minutes for calling Telkom landline and mobile numbers)Off-network minutes (Minutes for calling other networks)SMS bundles It caters to all levels of mobile data users, from light and standard, to heavy. Plans start from 1GB with a very affordable price tag of R99 and go up to unlimited mobile data for R1189. The higher you go, the more data, minutes, and SMSs you get.  There are many plans in this contract type, so you can be sure to find one that matches your budget. FreeMe plans include:FreeMe 1,5GB for R99You get:1GB all-network data 250MB data for WhatsApp 250MB data for streaming 500 on-network calls 100 off-network calls 100 SMSsFreeMe 3GB for R139 You get:2GB all-network Data 500MB data for WhatsApp 500MB data for streaming 1000 on-network  calls 150 off-network calls 200 SMSs FreeMe 6GB for R189 You get:4GB all-network data 1GB data for WhatsApp 1GB data for streaming 1000 on-network calls 200 off-network calls 400 SMSs FreeMe 11,5GB for R389 You Get:7,5GB all-network data 2GB data for WhatsApp 2GB data for streaming 1000 on-network calls 300 off-network calls 800 SMSs FreeMe 28GB for R689 You get:20GB all-network data 4GB data for WhatsApp 4GB data for streaming 3000 on-network calls 1000 off-network calls 2000 SMSsFreeMe Unlimited for R1189 Unlimited all-network data 5GB data for WhatsApp 5GB data for streaming 3000 on-net calls 3000 off-net calls 3000 SMSs FreeMe Benefits:Versatile data plans: If you’re a light, regular or heavy internet user, there’s a plan to suit your exact needs. WhatsApp: If you love chatting on WhatsApp, FreeMe gives you extra data exclusively for this platform.Streaming: Whether you’re catching up on series, watching movies or binging YouTube, there’s always reserved streaming data to keep you going for longer.Unlimited internet: For those who prefer mobile internet without restrictions, there’s an unlimited plan for endless hours of streaming, gaming, and so much more. Get calling: Each plan provides plenty of minutes for on-net and off-net calls for those who require plenty of talk time. We’re taking 100s to 1000s of minutes!Get chatting: SMS bundles are another way FreeMe keeps you connected to friends, family and colleagues.  FlexOnSay hello to Telkom’s newest mobile data plan, FlexOn. It’s all-network, anytime data that’s affordable and lasts for two consecutive calendar months - so you can enjoy your data for longer on your favourite platform without restrictions. It’s straightforward, offering 24- and 36-month contracts with 2GB or 6GB options. There are two plans on this contract type, and both are incredibly affordable. It offers:All-network data Telkom-to-Telkom minutes All-network minutes SMS bundlesLet’s dive into the FlexOn plans that you can get right now:FlexOn 2 for R99You get: 2GB all-network data 500 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes 75 all-network minutes 500 SMSs FlexOn 6 for R199 You get:6GB all-network data 1000 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes 150 all-network minutes 1000 SMSsFlexOn Benefits: Mobile data done light: FlexOn plans are perfect for light internet users who want to stay connected to the internet for browsing, messaging and emailing. Connected through calls: These plans offer on-net and off-net minutes, ensuring you’re always staying in touch. Connected through SMSs: For the affordable price tag, you even have access to big SMS bundles.InfiniteAnother shiny, new Telkom Data Deal in 2022 is Infinite. From just R299, you get unlimited access to data, so you never run out. It’s an innovative contract that may seem a little complicated at first glance, so here’s a quick summary on how it works.With Infinite, you have a choice of two plans – a 15GB and 30GB option. However, this doesn’t mean your data is limited. On the contrary, these options are only restricted in terms of internet speeds. Depending on the option you choose, the fastest internet speeds are available for up to 15GB or 30GB. After the threshold is reached, you’re moved to a slower speed that remains fast enough for surfing, streaming, chatting, and so much more. At the start of each month, speeds are reset. Let’s take a closer look at what you get with Telkom Infinite:All-network anytime data Telkom-to-Telkom minutes All-network minutes SMSsTelkom Infinite provides a choice of 24 or 36-month contracts, which appeal to higher budgets. So, if you have extra bucks in your pocket and are ready for the power that big mobile data brings, here’s what’s available right now:Infinite 15GB for R299 You get:15GB all-network anytime data 6000 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes 300 all-network minutes 6000 SMSs Infinite Max 30GB for R399 You get:30GB all-network anytime data 6000 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes 5000 all-network minutes 6000 SMSs Infinite benefits:Mobile data that innovates: Infinite is Telkom’s answer to the internet done differently – it’s unlimited and more affordable than ever before.Choice & flexibility: These plans are ideal for regular and heavy internet users who require big data and don’t mind capped internet speeds. High minutes: With 1000s of minutes at your disposal for both on-net and off-net calls, Infinite keeps you connected to friends, family and colleagues, always.High SMSs: Both plans provide 6000 SMSs each, ensuring you’re constantly connected through chat.  Telkom mobile data comparison table ContractsMobile DataExtras: Minutes and SMSsPrice Mondo’s EvaluationFreeMe1,5GB to Unlimited ✔R99 to R1189Data plans that have all your needs coveredFlexOn2GB to 6GB✔R99 to R199Good value for money data deals that take your bucks furtherInfinite15GB to 30GB✔R299 to R399Big data deals for those who live large Vodacom Data DealsIn this section, we’ll look at the Best Data Deals from Vodacom. Vodacom Prepaid Mobile DataPurchasing once-off, anytime Vodacom prepaid mobile data offers more options than ever before. That’s because the network provider has recently introduced 4GB, 6GB, and 15GB data options to its prepaid line-up. It has also slashed the price of its 2GB, 50GB, and 100GB bundles, so if you’re looking to save on data, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out the list of all the standard mobile prepaid options available:  Gigabytes you getValidity Price 50MB30 days R12200MB30 days R29350MB30 daysR49500MB30 daysR691GB30 daysR852GB30 daysR149 4GB30 daysR2496GB30 daysR34910GB30 daysR46915GB30 daysR52930GB30 daysR699 Besides once-off deals, Vodacom also has other types of prepaid data options, including monthly recurring data, day and night bundles, and once-off upfront deals. Mobile Data ContractsPrepaid data options are great, but if you want your bucks to go further and last longer, mobile data contracts are the best options. If you’re searching for a Vodacom Data Deal in 2022, we’ve put together a rundown of the best data contracts you can get right now:Red Vodacom Red mobile data deals cater to light, moderate, and heavy internet users, ranging from 2GB to a massive 90GB option. The contracts are 24 months and start from an affordable R69.The plans include:Anytime data: Data that can be used at any time of the day each month. Night owl data: Data allocated for use between 12 am and 5 am.Bonus video ticket (24 months): Some plans include extra data for streaming movies, series, and other video content. There are many plans in this contract type, so you can be sure to find one that matches your budget. Plans include: 2GB Red for R69 You get:1GB anytime data1GB night owl data 4GB Red for R79 You get:  2GB anytime data2GB night owl data  6GB Red for R89pm  You get: 3GB anytime data3GB night owl data10GB Red for R99pm You get:5GB anytime data5GB night owl data5GB bonus video ticket 20GB Red for R149pm  You get:10GB anytime data10GB night owl data10GB bonus video ticket 40GB Red for R199pmYou get:20GB anytime data20GB night owl data10GB bonus video ticket  60GB Red for R249pmYou get: 20GB anytime data20GB night owl data10GB bonus video ticket 20GB promotional my gig 20 (Prepaid data bundle)90GB Red for R299pmYou get: 30GB anytime data30GB night owl data30GB promotional my gig 30 (Prepaid data bundle)Red benefits: Freedom to choose: Vodacom Red plans have options for all types of internet users, from those who require a light connection to big data users. Night surfing: With exclusive and substantial midnight data from 12 am to 5 am, the plans ensure your data lasts longer.Bonus: On selected plans, you get additional data for streaming so you can always catch up with your favourite series or unwind with a movie.  Vodacom Data Price Plan Vodacom Data Price Plan is very similar to the Red contracts. They’re affordable, straightforward data-only plans that are perfect for regular to high usage internet customers. There are two 24-month options available that offer: Anytime dataNight owl dataVideo ticket Let’s check out what’s available right now: 30GB Data Price Plan for R99You get:10GB anytime data10GB night owl data10GB video ticket50GB Data Price Plan for R149You get:20GB anytime data20GB night owl data10GB video ticketData Price Plan benefits:Mobile data for the moderate: These plans have enough data to last the month, even if you’re streaming or gaming. It’s mobile data for regular users. The right balance: Data Price Plan offers a good balance between daytime and night-time data, ensuring you’re always connected no matter the time. Bonus: For those who love streaming series, movies, and more, you get additional data exclusively reserved for your entertainment.  Red Core PlansAnother Vodacom Data Deal in 2022 that gives you more for your money is Red Core. You can choose between 24-month contracts that offer more minutes for calls or data. We know you are here for more data, so we shortlisted the best plans to enjoy the internet. An added perk is that you earn Vodabucks (rewards) with Red Core and automatically qualify for the Gold tier, which unlocks:Travel rewards (Up to 35% off Emirates flights worldwide and accommodation at the Marriott Hotel Group)20GB data once-offVideo ticket 1GB x 3 monthsData sharingMulti data SIMsRed roaming bundlesR150 off Sweepsouth once-off for first time users Red Core plans combine mobile data with rewards and minutes. There are 4 plans in this contract type that range from R149 to R349. Plans offer:Anytime dataNight owl dataFree minutes See below for the Red Core plans you can get right now: Red Core 1GB for R149pm You get: 500MB anytime data500MB night owl data50 minutes Red Core 2GB for R199pm You get:1GB anytime data1GB night owl data100 minutes Red Core 4GB for R299 You get:2GB anytime data2GB night owl data200 minutesRed Core 6GB for R349You get:3GB anytime data3GB night owl data200 minutesRed Core benefits: Keeping it light: These plans are perfect for light internet users who don’t require mobile data for long hours of streaming or gaming. Exclusive rewards: It’s mobile data that unlocks exclusive offers, services, and discounts on flights, hotels, and so much more. Data sharing is caring: You can conveniently share Red Core data with up to six Vodacom postpaid SIM cards. Data on multiple devices: Red core allows you to add four additional data SIMs to your main contract to stay connected on multiple devices.Bonus: Go further with once-off data and video-ticket data.Red VIPVodacom knows how to do mobile data in a premium fashion. Just look at their Red VIP mobile data plans. Similar to Red Core, it forms part of Vodabucks, but the rewards are bumped up. Subscribing to these plans automatically unlocks Platinum benefits, such as: Travel rewards (Up to 50% off Emirates flights worldwide and accommodation at the Marriott Hotel Group)Multi-data SIMsR150 off Sweepsouth once-off for first-time users5GB video ticket x 3 monthsData sharingRoaming bundlesFree 3-month Sweat 1000 subscriptionFree Apple Music x 3 monthsAccidental screen cover x 24 monthsTheft cover x 24 months Red VIP includes:Anytime dataNight owl DataUnlimited minutes So, if you’re in the market for a 24-month mobile data contract with a VIP touch, here’s what you can get: Red VIP 30GB for R1199pm You get:15GB anytime data15GB night owl dataUnlimited minutes Red VIP 80GB for R1599pm You get:30GB anytime data30GB night owl data20GB additional dataUnlimited minutesRed VIP 200GB for R2099 (Best big data contract)You get:100GB anytime data100GB night owl dataUnlimited minutes  Red VIP Benefits:For the internet lovers: With data plans that range from 30GB to 200GB, Red VIP suits regular and heavy internet users. Big data: You will always have plenty of data at your fingertips with these options.Big talkers: With unlimited minutes, Red VIP is for those who require unrestricted calls.Top-tier rewards: It’s mobile data that unlocks the most premium benefits that Vodacom has to offer. Mobile data sharing: Make your data go further by sharing it with up to six Vodacom postpaid SIM cards.Link your devices: You can link up to four additional SIM cards to your primary contract, ensuring all your devices stay connected.  Vodacom mobile data comparison table ContractsMobile DataExtras: MinutesPrice Mondo’s EvaluationRed2GB - 90GB—R69-R299Budget-friendly data-only deals with choice Data Price Plan 30GB-50GB—R99-R149Data-only deals that save you moneyRed Core 1GB-6GB✔R149-349Light data deals for big talkersRed VIP30GB-200GB✔R1199-R2099Big mobile data for jetsetters MTN Data DealsIn this section, we’ll look at the Best Data Deals from MTN. MTN Prepaid Mobile DataMTN anytime prepaid mobile data has become more affordable thanks to a big price slash, which sees its 1GB data reduced from R99 to R85. This means your bucks can take your data further so you can enjoy the internet with less limitations. With MTN, once-off prepaid mobile data starts from R10 (40MB) and goes up to R999 (100GB).Here’s a closer look at what you’ll be spending with this standard option: Gigabytes you getValidityPrice 400MB 30 daysR10100MB30 daysR20200MB30 daysR29350MB30 daysR49500MB30 daysR691GB30 daysR851,5GB30 daysR992GB day and 2GB night 30 daysR1493GB day and 3GB night 30 daysR1995GB day and 5GB night30 daysR2996GB day and 6GB night30 daysR34910GB and day and 10GB night30 daysR46920GB day and 20GB night30 daysR59930GB day and 30GB night30 daysR69950GB day and 50GB night30 daysR799100GB day and 100GB night30 daysR999 If you’re looking for more prepaid plans, check out MTN Bozzagigs and Everyday Gigs. These are recurring mobile data bundles, which can be cancelled at any time.Mobile Data ContractsMobile data contracts from MTN give you much more than ever before, ensuring you’re always connected. The plans available keep in line with current internet trends that show we’re a nation that loves big data plans for streaming, gaming, and so much more. If you’re searching for an MTN Data Deal in 2022, we’ve put together the best data contracts you can get right now.Mega GigsPerhaps the biggest MTN data deal in 2022 is MTN Mega Gigs, which gives you the gigs you need with a lot of extras to enjoy. If you love using your smartphone for streaming, chatting, and connecting, this option is all you need. In fact, this 24-month contract has revamped mobile data in the country as it ditches SMS bundles and night-only data. Instead, you get the following perks:Anytime dataMinutesData for streamingData for social platformsInternational calling bundles (selected plans)Plans start from 2GB with a very affordable price tag of just R129 and go up to 25GB for R599. The higher you go, the more data and minutes you get.  There are many plans available under this contract type, so you can be sure to find one that matches your budget and your needs.  Plans include:2GB Mega Gigs S R129pm You get:1GB anytime data25 min MTN to any network500MB streaming (Showmax, DSTV)500MB social (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)4GB Mega Gigs S R199pm You get:2GB anytime data50 min MTN to any network1GB streaming (Showmax, DSTV)1GB social (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) 8GB Mega Gigs M R299pm You get:4GB anytime data75 min MTN to any network2GB streaming (Showmax, DSTV)2GB social (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) 12GB Mega Gigs L R399pm You get:6GB anytime data100 min MTN to any network3GB streaming (Showmax, DSTV)3GB social (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)R30 international calling25GB Mega Gigs XL R599pm You get:15GB anytime data200 min MTN to any network5GB streaming (Showmax, DSTV)5GB social (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)R30 international callingMega Gigs Benefits: Mobile data with options: If you’re a light, regular or high data user, Mega Gigs has you covered with plenty of options to suit your unique needs.Reserved for streaming: Each month, you get a specific amount of data that’s reserved for streaming so you can get your fix of series and movies.Reserved for social: If you love social media, these plans also give you extra data exclusively to use on your favourite social platforms. Minutes that keep you connected: You get a good number of minutes to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Bonus: A little extra with international calling to stay connected for those far away from you.My MTNChoiceAnother comprehensive MTN data deal in 2022 to consider is My MTNChoice, which gives you the freedom to choose from a range of mobile data plans to suit your unique requirements. In particular, if you love streaming on YouTube, you will have plenty of data to keep you going each month, so you never miss content from your favourite channels. These 24 or 36-month plans are pretty versatile with anytime data and night express data. It includes:Anytime dataFree YouTube bundlesNight express dataFree anytime data once off Let’s explore the My MTNChoice plans you can get today:10GB My MTNChoice for R59 PM You get:2GB anytime data6GB free YouTube bundle2GB night express dataFree 10GB anytime data once off30GB My MTNChoice for R99 PMYou get:4GB anytime data22GB free YouTube bundle4GB night express dataFree 10GB anytime data once off60GB My MTNChoice for R149 PM You get:10GB anytime data40GB free YouTube bundle10GB night express dataFree 10GB anytime data once off100GB My MTNChoice for R199 PM You get:20GB anytime data60GB free YouTube bundle20GB night express dataFree 10GB anytime data once off130GB My MTNChoice for R299 PM You get:50GB anytime data50GB free YouTube bundle30GB night express dataFree 10GB anytime data once offMy MTNChoice Benefits:YouTube streaming: If you love watching creators on YouTube, these plans give you extra data exclusively for this popular platform.The internet at night: For those who prefer midnight surfing, you get plenty of data reserved from 12 am to 5 am.Considers all users: Plans start from a moderate 10GB and go up to a beefy 130GB – the wide choice ensures there’s an option that suits your unique data needs.Bonus: A little extra once-off mobile data to welcome you to MTNChoice.MyMTN SkyIf you want mobile data combined with talk time and a built-in rewards system, consider MyMTN SkyThe contract offers 4 exclusive 24 or 36-month plans with premium lifestyle benefits and discounts, including: Professional cleaning services from SweepSouthOutdoor adventuresDining Holiday accommodationTravel vouchersInternational callingCall roaming Two additional SIM cards for data sharingThe 4-tier rewards system unlocks:Anytime dataHello World roaming dataMinutesLet’s unpack the MyMTN Sky plans you can get today:Sky Bronze 30GB for R699You get: 30GB anytime data500MB Hello World roaming data1600 minutes Sky Silver 50GB for R1099You get:50GB anytime data500MB Hello World roaming data4500 minutes Sky Gold 100GB for R1559You get:100GB anytime data500MB Hello World roaming dataUnlimited minutes Sky Platinum Uncapped Data for R2059 (Best coverage)You get:Uncapped anytime data1GB Hello World roaming data10000 minutes MyMTN Sky Benefits: Big data: These plans are perfect for big data users who require moderate to high use each month.Always-on connectivity: MyMTN Sky is all about massive minutes to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Mobile data with rewards: Do you want to get rewarded while enjoying the internet? These plans provide exclusive offers, services, and discounts for a premium data experience. Data for everyone: Selected plans come with two additional SIM cards for data sharing.Bonus: A little extra roaming data to easily call loved ones or business partners, no matter where you are in the world.MTN mobile data comparison table ContractsMobile DataExtras: Minutes/SMSsPrice Mondo’s EvaluationMega Gigs2GB - 25GB✔R129-R599Affordable data that has it allMy MTNChoice10GB-130GB—R59-R299For YouTube fansSky30GB-Uncapped✔R699-R2059All an executive needs That’s a Wrap!Now that you have all the info you need at your fingertips with this guide, you’ll be able to make the smarter decision when it comes to getting connected. With so many mobile data deals and contracts to choose from, you can be sure that there’s one out there to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget. The best part? Mondo offers you the best data deals from Telkom, Vodacom and MTN all in one convenient place. 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Pros and Cons of Buying a Refurbished Phone

If you’re considering buying a refurbished phone, it’s your lucky day because we’ve unpacked the pros and cons you need to consider to help make your decision easier. But first, here’s a quick explanation of the difference between second-hand and refurbished devices, as these often get confused.A second-hand phone is usually sold by a private seller and usually isn’t covered by a warranty so you take a gamble on the condition of the device.Refurbished phones, also called pre-owned and sometimes labelled CPO (certified pre-owned), have been restored to almost new after use. Customers return these to service providers or tech manufacturers due to a fault or at the end of a contract. These devices can even be brand new or lightly used and in perfectly functional condition without exterior defects. Refurbished phones in top condition are usually returned during the cooling-off period.It’s time to check out the pros and cons of refurbished phones to help you decide if this is a smart option for you.Pro: Fresh out of the box, almostBefore a phone is refurbished, a qualified technician from a trusted service provider or manufacturer will thoroughly inspect and test it to see if it’s in working order. These can include battery tests, checking if the buttons and cameras function correctly, verifying the audio quality and screen responsiveness, and much more.If a phone qualifies for refurbishment, the trusted seller will repair or replace faulty parts using genuine components before resale. Refurbished phones can be restored to almost fresh out of the box with new batteries and screens, the latest software updates, and so much more, depending on the condition of the phone.Con: Small imperfections existAlthough refurbished phones work like new, you may have to make some compromises in the name of saving some cash. The major one that might be hard for some buyers to overlook is these phones usually have minor marks or scratches not covered by the warranty. Reputable sellers disclose the information in the product description so you can buy with peace of mind. Pro: Keeps you in budgetIt’s no secret that refurbished phones are affordable - it’s probably the main reason you’re considering this option right now. If so, you’re on the right track. Discounts on refurbished phones are at least 15% off the normal price. The exact discount depends on the model and any possible exterior defects.Con: Add-ons get droppedAnother factor to consider is that refurbished phones don’t guarantee add-ons or accessories that were originally bundled with the phone, such as earphones. However, they do include a charging cable or charger.Pro: 12-month warranty keeps you coveredPerhaps the biggest benefit is that trusted sellers have you covered with a 12-month warranty. It includes repairs on internal components, ensuring you have peace of mind if any faults arise. Besides repairs, a warranty allows you to return the phone for a money-back guarantee or replacement.Con: Missing the bus on software updatesIf you’re buying an older refurbished phone, you may not be guaranteed long-term security updates and support. Without these security patches, your vulnerabilities online can be detected by hackers, resulting in perfectly usable phones becoming obsolete. However, there is some good news with manufacturers like Samsung and Apple now offering longer security support with a minimum of 5 years on many devices. Tip: Before buying a refurbished phone, research when security updates are scheduled to end. Pro: Good for the environmentThankfully, there are now many ways companies and everyday consumers can help reduce the impact of tech on the environment. Extending the life of an existing product is one such way, and this is where refurbished phones truly shine. For example, Vodacom recently joined the refurbishment movement, offering certified refurbished iPhones approved for resale. The network provider is committed to reducing e-waste by refurbishing and recycling 200 000 devices from customers by 2025.Refurbished phones are no doubt an excellent choice if you want a newer, high-end smartphone at a lower price while also getting peace of mind and helping the environment too. Mondo is proud to offer a range of refurbished phones [E to our customers, because we believe in real choice.


Get These Awesome Emoji Packs to Celebrate World Emoji Day

Emojis have completely changed how we communicate, adding character, fun and humour to our everyday messages. They have become so iconic that there’s now an unofficial global holiday on 17 July to celebrate them!  Here’s are 5 FREE emoji packs to help you up your emoji game this World Emoji Day.Bitmoji for Hyper-Personalisation(iPhone/iPad/Android)Owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji gives you a custom emoji experience that lets you create cartoon versions of yourself. These are so accurate that they can even match your unique style. Bitmoji integrates with Facebook, Gboard, iMessage, and even Gmail and Slack. But its best feature is unlocked while using Snapchat. Known as Friendmoji, the feature allows you and your friends to send personalised emojis to each other. This gives Bitmoji the competitive edge since it is the only platform with the feature.Elite Emoji for High-Definition (iPhone, iPad, Android)With over 2000 high-definition emojis to choose from, Elite Emoji gives you both quality and quantity. Choose from an array of themes and categories, including animals, sports, birthdays, jokes, and much more. For a touch of personalisation, there are over 5000 witty messages to pair with your emojis. You can use Elite Emoji on messaging and social media apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and Instagram.Gboard for Originality (Most compatible with Android) GBoard is one of the most popular keyboards on Android, featuring good functionality and outstanding originality. Emoji Kitchen, in particular, boasts cutting-edge Google AI technology that allows you to mash up two different emojis into a wacky combination. With the possibility of cooking up over 15 000 new emojis directly on the keyboard, Gboard takes your emoji game to the next level! It works on most Android apps, like Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp. Although Gboard is also available on iOS, it doesn’t support Emoji Kitchen, but there is a workaround. You can access the feature online on emoji.kitchen and download your creations as images instead.Emoji> for Choice (iPhone/iPad Only)With over 60 million users worldwide, Emoji> is the go-to emoji app for iPhone users. There are hundreds of exclusive and regularly updated emojis to add character to your iMessage and social media conversations. You can enjoy a free version, unlock special emojis through in-app purchases or even ask the user community to create specific emojis just for you! Emoji> integrates smoothly with the iOS keyboard, and brings you more emoji choice.Facemoji for Character(iPhone, iPad, Android)The Facemoji keyboard app offers thousands of emojis at your fingertips, ensuring you’re never short of ways to express yourself. The emoji feature has dozens of custom themes, funny gifs and eye-catching fonts that range from fancy to playful. Most emoji packs are free, although there are some paid options. You also get a choice of themed packs to celebrate annual events.There are so many ways to express yourself this World Emoji Day, so what are you waiting for? 😉