How to Play Retro Arcade Games on Your Smartphone

Moe from Mondo / 24-05-2021 / Tech news

Retro gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to a heavy dose of nostalgia for the simple gameplay and graphics that those games offered, reminding people of their childhoods and happier times. If you are an old-school gamer, then you’re in luck, because emulators can be installed right on your smartphone to let you play your favourite retro games from the likes of Nintendo, Sega and even Sony PlayStation. The question is - which of these emulators is the best for you?

If you own a smartphone, you are most likely a part of one of two groups of people: Apple users and Android users. Although the available emulators generally cater for only one of the two smartphone operating systems, the range of choice more than makes up for it. To play, you will need game ROMS that are compatible with the gaming platform you are emulating as these do not come packaged with the emulators because of licensing rights. So, if you long for the days of Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog, read on to find out which emulator is the best one for you.

Apple iOS

The Apple app store does not allow for gaming emulators, but there is an assortment of legitimate options that can be downloaded off the internet and installed on your device without the need to jailbreak or void any warranties. Here’s our top 3 picks for the best and most reliable emulators:


Delta supports a wide range of Nintendo consoles, including Game Boy, NES/SNES, N64 and Nintendo DS. The well-developed emulator allows the user to save their game in any state and all data can be stored in a Google Drive Account. A reliable, yet consistently innovative emulator, Delta is a top choice.

Download here:


iNDS is the emulator that allows you to play Nintendo DS games on your phone for free. Like Delta, iNDS allows the user to save their game with ease and their gameplay runs at nearly full speed on phones from iPhone 5 and above. iNDS is the perfect emulator for Nintendo fans on a budget.

Download here:


Dedicated to emulating the PSP (PlayStation Portable) on your iPhone or iPad, PPSSPP will run any PSP game on your device at near-full speed. Like the others above, PPSSPP allows you to save progress in your gameplay, but the differentiator is that it gives you the option to transfer existing PSP saved files onto your phone!

Download here:


On Android, there are many more options for retro game emulators. With such a huge variety of choices, you know there’s an emulator that is perfect for you, so here’s are our top 3 picks of Android emulators:


ePSXe is perfect for PlayStation gaming. With the Sony PlayStation 1 being one of the most popular consoles of all time, ePSXe has capitalized on the market by providing a reliable emulator to run your favorite games. On top of being able to save your game, ePSXe offers you the chance to play split screen with your friends as well as allowing custom key mapping for your controller.

Download here:


After combing the two apps, John NES and John SNES, into one, John NESS allows the user to play Nintendo games on Android. With a wide range of attractive features, such as cheat support, save states and integration with DropBox, John NESS is proving to be a very popular choice of emulator.

Download here:

DraStic DS Emulator

This particularly impressive emulator is unique in the sense that the user can improve the resolution of the game as well as customize the position of the display. More than having the usual save option, DraStic DS Emulator can sync with Google Drive in order to store your progress. For those who want to get ahead quickly, this emulator also houses thousands of cheat modes in their database.

Download here:

Finally, RetroArch is widely regarded as a leader in this emulation industry. The main point of differentiation, and probably the most important, is that RetroArch does not need a specific operating system to run on. They offer you the chance to play classic games on a large variety of devices through its clean graphical interface. With advanced features such as rewinding, blind accessibility features and netplay, RetroArch is a very good option for anyone who wants to play their old games again.

What you decide to download will depend on what games you are trying to play, and which emulator features attract you the most. With the huge amount of emulator options found online, you are almost guaranteed to find one that suits you.

Happy gaming!


iPhone 13 is All About the Cameras!

The iPhone 13 range recently launched and boasts what might be the most advanced camera system in Apple history!The new generation is made up of the premium iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max as well as the more affordable iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.The 13 range is powered by the A15 Bionic chip, which unlocks impressive new camera capabilities for iPhone users. What’s more, all four models have larger sensors with integrated sensor-shift stabilisation technology that boosts both the image and video quality.Unprecedented Camera Quality for The Pro RangeThe iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are equipped with the same camera technology and have upgraded sensors and lenses for professional-quality photos. Like the 12, the Pro range boasts a triple-camera setup. Where it sets itself apart though, is the new 12 MP ultra-wide, 12 MP wide and 12 MP telephoto cameras, which all make for an exceptional shooting experience.More features you’ll love:●    The 1.9-micron pixels sensor – the largest ever used in an iPhone – creates more detailed photos.●    A wider f/1.5 aperture for improved low-light images. Apple claims this feature offers 2.2x better performance than the 12 Pro!●    The new and improved 77mm telephoto camera which allows you to get even closer to your subject while video-recording.  Affordable Gets an UpgradeMuch like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini are fitted with the same dual-camera set-up but there are some major improvements! The upgrade from a Smart HDR 3 to Smart HDR 4 provides superior camera quality for both the front and back lenses while the 1.7-micron pixels in the wide camera makes for brighter and richer photographs by allowing 47% more light in than the iPhone 12.Cool Camera Features Across All ModelsCinematic mode helps turn an image or video into a more dynamic and professional one. The upgraded lenses intuitively monitor what’s happening in the frame and allows you to change focus to get the perfect shot!4K Video Quality enables you to record 4K HDR Dolby Vision at 60 fps – yet another upgrade from the 30fps on the iPhone 12 models.Photographic Styles offers new live filters and allows you to adjust images while you’re composing your shot, allowing you to see your results and amend your image before hitting the shutter button.Exclusively Reserved for The ProMacro Photography is a first for the iPhone and is made possible by the new ultra-wide camera that enables you to capture close-up images and explore the smallest details. The minimum focal range is 2cm away from the lens. The feature is also available for video recording on Slo-Mo and Time-Lapse.The Pros come fitted with ProRes Video, high-quality filmmaking software for those who are serious about their craft. The video quality reaches a maximum of 4K at 30fps and you can record and output the format directly from your device.Get your hands on the new iPhone 13 range today and experience the phenomenal camera quality and more, here.


Top 5 iOS 15 Features

iOS 15 recently launched in September 2021, and while there are a host of amazing new features, there are a few that make the Apple experience that much more special. Here are the top 5 features that takes this OS to the next level.1.    Facetime for everyone:Watch parties have never been this cool! With iOS 15, users can now stream movies and series while on a Facetime call! This feature adjusts the volume to the environment automatically so that conversations can still flow while you sit back and enjoy the show.Distance is no match for iOS 15. Now it’s like your loved ones are right there on the couch with you!2.    Map out your destination:Augmented reality directions? Yes please! With the new OS, it’s all in the detail. Get up-to-date info about your route if you’re driving or, if you prefer taking a more scenic route, try the “Immersive Walking Instructions” which provide an in-depth step-by-step augmented reality view of your destination.3.    Putting the “Me” in Memoji:Even your personalised stickers are getting an update with this new OS upgrade from Apple. With iOS 15, users now have the best feature – choice.There are now more options at your disposal to really personalise your character – from a new wardrobe to cochlear ear implants and oxygen tubes. This version of iOS is providing the inclusivity you’ve been waiting for.4.    Privacy for the win:  Kiss spam goodbye with the “Hide My Email” feature. This gives you the ability to “instantly generate unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox”. Where do we sign up?  Hide My Email has been built into the Mail, Safari, and iCloud Settings for added efficiency.5.    The Picture-perfect way to get going:  One of the most impressive features of iOS 15 has to be “Live Text”. This lets you highlight text in photos (and video!) and use the information to make calls, send messages, get directions and even Facetime!With so many cool new features packed into Apple’s iOS 15, isn’t it time you go all in on iPhone?Check out all our amazing Apple iPhone deals here.


WhatsApp Ending Support for Older Phones: Are You Affected?

From 1st November 2021, WhatsApp will no longer work on over 40 smartphone models.2021 has been a rollercoaster ride for WhatsApp users. While a host of helpful additions have been made on the instant messenger app, including the ability to access WhatsApp across several devices at the same time and the ever-popular disappearing messages, this latest update is not as positive.Any device sporting Apple iOS 10, Android OS 4.1 and KaiOS 2.5.1. will be affected.What this means for youIf you have a device with these operating systems or lower, it’s time for an upgrade.Here is the full list of affected smartphones that will no longer be WhatsApp compatible come November:Apple iPhone:iPhone SE (2016)iPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusAndroid:Huawei Ascend G740Huawei Ascend MateHuawei Ascend D Quad XLHuawei Ascend D1 Quad XLHuawei Ascend P1 SHuawei Ascend D2Samsung Galaxy Trend LiteSamsung Galaxy Trend IISamsung Galaxy SIISamsung Galaxy S3 miniSamsung Galaxy Xcover 2Samsung Galaxy CoreSamsung Galaxy Ace 2 16Other Affected Brands:The Alcatel One Touch Evo 7Archos 53 PlatinumCaterpillar Cat B15HTC Desire 500Faea F1LG Lucid 2LG Optimus F7LG Optimus F5LG Optimus L3 II DualLG Optimus F5LG Optimus L5LG Optimus L5 IILG Optimus L5 DualLG Optimus L3 IILG Optimus L7LG Optimus L7 II DualLG Optimus L7 IILG Optimus F6 EnactLG Optimus L4 II DualLG Optimus F3LG Optimus L4 IILG Optimus L2 IILG Optimus Nitro HDLG Optimus F3QLG 4X HDLenovo A820The Sony Xperia MiroSony Xperia Neo LSony Xperia Arc STHL W8UMi X2Wiko Cink FiveWiko DarknightZTE Grand S FlexZTE V956ZTE Grand X Quad V987ZTE Grand MemoHow to check your Operating SystemApple:Access your device settingsTap the General buttonSelect AboutAll details related to your Apple iPhone smartphone, including your device name and OS version will be detailed here.Android:Go to your device settings.Tap the System or About Phone /Device button.All details related to your Android smartphone, including your device name and OS version will be detailed here.Need to upgrade?Find your new smartphone here.