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Huawei P40 Lite: Another Win for Huawei

Moe from Mondo / 27-01-2021 / Reviews

Huawei had their work cut out for them launching the P40 Lite as part of their first major smartphone range from the tech giants without Google Mobile Services. There was no room for error and the company more than made up for it with this strong mid-tier smartphone from their flagship P range, featuring the all-new AppGallery app store and Huawei’s own version of the Android OS.

Under the Hood

Processing power is where the P40 Lite smashes its rivals. Sporting a home-grown HiSilicon Kirin 810 Octa-Core processor, it’s a massive step up from the previous Kirin 710. Huawei paired the processor with 6GB of RAM which makes for a speedy, responsive experience. You can take on HD gaming or play multiple HD videos without any lag.

On the storage front, you get 128GB of onboard capacity with the possibility of adding a microSD card up to 256GB. Since there’s no Google Android, you get the EMUI operating system, which is similar to the Android 10 experience.

Screen and Body

The P40 Lite has a distinct appearance and stands out from the rest of the P40 range. This version has more rounded corners which makes it user-friendly and comfortable to use. The front-facing camera is situated in the left corner which disappears under the phone’s black status bar. The device feels sturdy in the hand and is available in Sakura Pink and Midnight Black.

In terms of the display, you can expect a 6.4-inch FHD+ LCD screen which produces striking colours with sharp clarity.

Quad Camera Setup

The Huawei P40 Lite sports four rear camera lenses which are perfect for the budding photographer. Users have become accustomed to Huawei’s quality cameras and won’t be disappointed with the primary 48MP camera that handles most of the heavy lifting. The 8MP Ultra Wide Angle lens offers a 120-degree view while the 2MP Macro lens allows you to snap clear close-ups. You can take cinematic portraits with the 2MP Bokeh lens while the selfie camera is a 16MP lens that offers a fantastic Night Mode.


Huawei paired the P40 Lite with a 4,200mAh battery which can run two full days with normal use. You get the benefit of fast charging with a 40W fast charger included in the box. According to the company, they estimate a full charge from zero within an hour.

Other Features

You’ll be pleased to know that Huawei has kept the 3.5-millimetre headphone jack and have included a fingerprint sensor on the side power button.


The Huawei P40 Lite is a strong mid-tier competitor that offers you a fantastic camera experience on a budget. It will take some getting used to not having Google services but the device punches above its weight and is well worth a look.


How to Connect Your Gaming Controller to Your iPhone

Big on using your Apple iPhone for gaming, but not loving the touchscreen controls? Hit your best scores by connecting your PC, PlayStation or Xbox gaming controller to your iPhone (or any Apple device) with iOS 13 or higher. While not all games are supported in this mode, most of the favourites are available and benefit from the use of the external controller. As is often the case when pairing any two devices, Bluetooth is the preferred option – and the same can be said for enhancing your gaming experience. Bluetooth provides wireless connection and allows for unimpaired gaming. Xbox One + Bluetooth An unusual approach, but when pairing your Xbox One check that Bluetooth on your phone is turned OFF then turn your attention to your controller. Ensure your Xbox One controller is fully charged and disconnected from your console. Enter pairing mode on the controller by first tapping and holding the Xbox button. The button should begin to flash. Press and hold the Share button at the top of the controller. While holding the button, turn back to your device and enable Bluetooth to activate search mode. Xbox Wireless Controller should appear on your device screen. Select the option and you’ll be paired and ready to go! PS4 + Bluetooth Falling back into routine, start with your device and turn your Bluetooth ON. Press and hold the Share and PlayStation buttons at the same time. Your controller light should start blinking. Check your device for a pop-up message. Select the name of your controller and pair up! If you’re the lucky owner of both an Xbox One and a PS4 console, you will have to unpair one of the controllers from your device in order to use the other – but this is really is a small price to pay for a slicker smartphone gaming experience!


How to Connect Your Gaming Controller to an Android Phone

If your touchscreen gaming technique is missing the mark, it might be time to bring in the big guns. Connecting your PC, Sony PlayStation or Xbox controller to your Android smartphone is an excellent way to create an all-round smoother gaming experience on mobile. All you will need is a device with either Android 10 or 11 and a fairly recent model controller, like any standard Bluetooth PC gaming controller, a PS4 Dual Shock controller or the Xbox One with Bluetooth capabilities. Here’s how you can connect for seamless gaming: PS4 + Bluetooth How to connect: To sync your PS4 controller with your android device, start by activating your Bluetooth on your smartphone. Once your device is discoverable, turn your attention to your controller. Press and hold both the PlayStation and Share buttons at the same time. The light on the controller should start flashing and a Wireless Controller message should pop up on your phone. Tap on the message to accept and complete the pairing process. The light on your PS4 controller should stop flashing and show a steady blue which signals that you’re connected and all set! Xbox + Bluetooth How to connect: Like with the PS4, start by ensuring that your Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. To connect your phone, the controller must be fully charged and unplugged from your Xbox One. Press and hold the Sync button on your controller to activate its search for your phone. Once the devices detect one another, just tap the pop-up message on your phone to select your controller and follow the instructions to finish pairing. Once you start your game, your Xbox One controller will kick in. While wireless connection is the prime set up, it doesn’t always work. If you’re having difficulty pairing your devices through Bluetooth, or have an older controller, try a USB-OTG cable. Just be sure to get a cable that is compatible with your phone’s charging or USB ports.


The Samsung Galaxy A52 makes its SA debut!

The release of the Samsung Galaxy A51 last year was a resounding success for the South Korean giant and with the A52, it looks like Samsung has another hit on its hands in 2021! Under the Hood Released together with the Galaxy A32 and A72 in late March, the A52 shares many similarities with its sister smartphones. Fitted with latest software – Android 11, UI 3.1 and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, it also features the much-desired 90Hz Super AMOLED display for fluid scrolling and high refresh rates. The A52 sports an internal storage capacity of 128GB and the option of between 4 and 8GB of RAM. Screen and Body The A52 comes in Awesome Black and three candy-like versions: Awesome Violet, Awesome Blue and Awesome White. At 6.5 inches, the A52’s screen size remains the same as its predecessor so, if you’re looking to upgrade, rest assured this is a lightweight and comfortable fit. The A52 sports a brightness level of nearly 800 NITS and the Eye Comfort Shield that comes standard in newer Samsung models. It also boasts dual loudspeakers, which creates a surround-sound effect that will be especially pleasurable for anyone who prefers binge-watching their favourite shows from the comfort of their smartphones. Good news for gamers - in addition to the fantastic sound, the A52 handles well when it comes to demanding titles and the phone’s touch response is a smooth and impressive experience. Camera Again, like it’s siblings, the A52’s camera is unique – both inside and out. The cameras sit on an island which protrudes from the back casing unlike any of the pre-2021 A series versions. The camera specs stand out too – a slick 32 MP selfie camera that allows the subject to shine, a vibrant 64 MP rear camera, a 5 MP Macro camera, a 5 MP depth camera and a 12 MP Ultra-wide which produces photographs with a creative fish-eye effect. Battery If you’re always on the go and need a smartphone that can keep up with you, the A52 will not disappoint. The device has a 4 500 mAh battery that lasts up to two days and 15W fast charger capabilities that get you fully powered up and ready to go in a snap. Verdict If it’s versatility, durability and affordability with a touch of sleek style you’re looking for, the feature packed Galaxy A52 is the smartphone you’re looking for.