It’s Time to Bury the BlackBerry

Staff Writer / 19-02-2020 / News

From being a must-have for most South Africans, to almost disappearing from the market, where exactly has it all gone wrong for BlackBerry , which was once one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers?

A Rise to Undisputed Dominance

Founded 21 years ago, a BlackBerry was once the ultimate smartphone in the global market. Their phones had features that left competitors in the dust at the time. They broke new ground with the release of the BlackBerry 850, the first phone that could access email on the go. BlackBerry then introduced a reduced-key keyboard using ‘SureType’ technology, which worked really well with BlackBerry Messenger, commonly known as BBM, their instant messaging service. This also helped them gain popularity amongst a younger generation of customers.

The Crumbling of a Goliath

At the pinnacle of their popularity, a new smartphone burst onto the scene, which soon proved to be BlackBerry’s downfall. In 2007, the first iPhone was revealed by Steve Jobs, revolutionizing the smartphone industry. With a virtual keyboard, glass screen and a built-in iPod, it left competitors scratching their heads. Apple continued to grow in the smartphone industry, focusing on the billions of customers they could now reach, whereas BlackBerry continued to focus on their much smaller customer base instead of seeing the bigger picture. This was never a sustainable strategy because in such a saturated market, you either adapt or die. Subsequently, BlackBerry lost ground to their competitors, leaving them with only 23 million global users by 2018, which is a drop in the smartphone industry ocean.

BlackBerry’s Bleak Future

BlackBerry has indeed been dying a very slow death, so much so that TCL Communication , the owner of BlackBerry, has decided to halt production of all Blackberry branded smartphones as of 31 August 2020.

First Nokia, now BlackBerry. Will we have another giant fall from grace in the near future?


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Bits and Bytes – August 2021 Edition

Android Knock Outs Apple US-based company Electronics Hub recently ran a survey across 142 countries to settle the age-old question – Is Apple or Android more popular? With a tool called SentiStrength, Electronics Hub were able to use geotagged tweets about the brands to see which of the two left behind a stronger impression. Turns out for 74 countries, including South Africa, Android is the surprising winner. Samsung Multi-Angle Camera Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone with a rotating camera – the Galaxy Z Flip. The device would be a game changer, allowing users to not only snap shots the typical way, but also to take photos from multiple angles! LG Tunes Out Smartphone Failure South Korean tech giant LG has gone back to doing what it does best – churning out quality audio products. Their latest product, in-ear buds, include some fascinating new characteristics like the 3D Sound Stage feature and Whispering Mode which allows users to turn the right bud into a mic by speaking directly into it for privacy. This Is the Deep-faker You’re Looking For A studio run by Star Wars creator George Lucas has hired the YouTuber who improved a scene from The Mandalorian with his Jedi-like deepfake skills. The deepfake content creator, known as Shamook, recreated the de-aging Visual Effects in a special cameo scene from the TV show. The result was so impressive that he was asked to join Industrial Light & Magic as a senior facial capture artist.