Oppo A72 is Here – Our First Thoughts!

Staff Writer / 08-10-2020 / Oppo reviews

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo recently announced that it was entering the South African market. It’s a brand that is relatively well-known internationally as it has made a name for itself in 40 different countries and regions, and it is finally landing on our shores. As the fifth-largest smartphone producer on the planet, we can expect some spectacular smartphones across the range. The first device to launch here is the Oppo A72, a mid-tier device that offers a whole lot for a modest price tag.

Under the Hood

The Oppo A72 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 with an Octa-Core CPU. The company’s Hyper Boost performance engine increases the speed of apps and games, which makes for a smooth, satisfying user experience. On the memory front, you’ll get 4GB of RAM and internal storage of 128GB with the option to expand with a microSD card. Oppo prides itself in its relationship with Google and this device comes ready with Android 11.

Screen and Body

The Oppo A72 has a 6.5-inch ultra-high-resolution display with a punch-hole selfie camera in the upper left corner of the phone. The A72 is pretty slim at only 1.73-mm thick. In terms of appearance, the company says it was inspired by the polar region where the stars are always visible. The device is available in Twilight Black or Aurora Purple for those that prefer a hint of colour.

Quad Camera Setup

The A72 has flashes of a flagship device with its four cameras situated at the back. It consists of a main 48MP AI camera, an 8MP camera and a pair of 2MP lenses which support Ultra Night Mode and 119-degrees wide-angle shots. The front-facing camera is a staggering 16MP for a mid-range device, perfect for those flawless selfies.

You’ll also get the benefits of a slow-mode video function and the anti-shake feature which allows you to capture stable pictures while moving.

Fantastic Battery Life

The battery capacity of the A72 is incredible, featuring a 5,000mAh battery which the company says guarantees all-day use, even at high intensity, while the 18W fast charger gets your battery juiced up in no time.

Other Features

Oppo says the A72 does have dual-SIM capability, which is great to manage your data use. The device sports Dual Stereo Speakers and Dirac 2.0 sound. Additionally, there’s a fingerprint sensor under the sidebar power button and even a headphone jack for those traditional audiophiles.


The South African mid-tier smartphone market is already quite packed, but the Oppo A72 has enough features to do battle with more established brands like Samsung and Huawei.


Top 10 Features of Apple iOS 14

Apple iOS 14 has been available from mid-September and many iPhone users are still discovering the range of awesome new features available with this update. So, if you’ve recently updated your iPhone to iOS 14, here’s a look at our top 10 features to help you better navigate all the innovative functionalities you now have available. 1. Widgets transform Using on-device intelligence, widgets have received a big upgrade. These can now be dragged onto the Home Screen, allowing you to view, access, pin and stack relevant information based on time, location, and activity. 2. A library for your apps The App Library is a new feature located on the last Home Screen page. It automatically organises every app on your iPhone into specific categories such as Entertainment and Travel. It is easy to navigate and a handy tool if you tend to forget what you’ve downloaded. 3. Your privacy first In IOS 14, all apps are required to get your permission before tracking is allowed and you will receive notifications when an app is using your camera or microphone. You also have the option of providing apps with your general location instead of an exact one and granting them access to specific photos as opposed to your entire photo library. 4. No more call interruptions Before the update, receiving calls on an iPhone would take over the entire screen, causing an interruption to what you were doing. With the new update, interruptions are a thing of the past as you can now receive calls in a compact banner-style format, allowing continued phone use while a call is coming through. 5. Multitask using PiP Picture in Picture (PiP) mode is all about multitasking as it allows you to access other apps while watching videos or talking on FaceTime. PiP works by playing videos in a small window that can be resized and relocated to any corner of your iPhone’s screen. 6. Siri gets a boost Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has just got a major IQ boost and can now answer 20 times more questions than before. Siri can also send audio messages to the contacts stored on your iPhone, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 7. More third-party freedom It took Apple a while to allow users to choose their default email and browser, but finally iOS 14 brings this freedom. You can switch to third parties such as Chrome and Gmail, giving you systemwide control over your iPhone’s browsing and emailing options. 8. Messages get revamped Messages have been revamped to make it easier to connect and communicate with friends and family. You can pin important conversations to the top of the messages list, reply to specific information using inline replies, and stay constantly updated in group chats through mentions. 9. The language connection Apple is entering the mobile translation arena in a big way. The new Translate app has 11 languages with text and voice translations. You can have lengthy conversations with others from different languages through quick, concise and appropriate translating abilities. 10. Car keys of the future The U1 chip that was introduced to all new iPhones last year will now be tested through the use of digital car keys. Currently, it is only available for the 2021 BMW 5 series and enables you to unlock and start your car using your iPhone or Apple Watch. This is both a feature of iOS 14 and iOS 13. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone that takes full advantage of the capabilities of iOS 14, then check out these latest iPhone deals from Mondo.


Top 10 Features of Android 11

Fact: Android powered smartphones are the most popular mobile devices in the world, including here in South Africa. So, if you’ve recently updated your software to the latest Android 11, here’s the top 10 features you need to know about: 1. Your conversations, categorised Android 11 brings more control over your chat notifications by storing all your messages in its own category known as Conversations Alerting. You can also prioritise certain conversations over ones that are less important to you, making sure you never miss anything urgent. 2. Bring on the bubbles Chat heads are popular on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, but now Google has taken this idea to Android 11 and integrated it into a new update known as Bubbles. This enables your messages to float around your screen for quick and easy access. You can even place these messages anywhere on your screen or delete them by pulling it down. 3. A new recording ability Before, recording your phone's screen meant downloading a third-party app. But now Android 11 has its own native screen recorder with audio that can be recorded via the microphone or through an audio device. 4. Music Player has its own home When playing music, the Music Player now has its own designated place in the Quick Settings menu. This means it is no longer part of the notifications bar. You even have the option to choose a specific device to play music from, such as your Bluetooth speakers or earbuds. 5. A win for privacy Google has clamped down on privacy and security, giving users more control over one-time permissions. You can now grant apps permission for the session in use and once the app is closed, Android will revoke that permission. If an app is inactive for a while, permissions can get automatically revoked. 6. Forget me not notifications Mistakenly swiping away notifications happens to the best of us, and often, it’s not a onetime occurrence. Now, saying goodbye to notifications before even seeing them is a thing of the past. Android 11 allows you to save all your notifications over the past 24 hours. A running list will help you find a notification you lost, making sure you never lose it again. 7. Do as I say Voice Access on Android 11 comes with a better understanding of your commands and the context around it. Using the power of Google Assistant, all you have to do is say the action you want done and your phone will understand and do it for you. 8. More power to the Power Menu The Power Menu has received a major tech upgrade. You can control various smart home devices without having to open an app, such as turning lights on and off and checking security cameras. 9. Your Android has your back If you have a Pixel device, Google AI will choose the top five suggested apps it thinks should be in your dock based on your workflow, location and surroundings. This list generates the most relevant apps just before you need it. 10. Come over to the dark side Although the native dark theme mode was introduced in Android 10, it was nonintuitive. Now, with Android 11, you can schedule the dark theme according to a time that suits you, or, you can choose to never switch it off since it comes with battery saving superpowers.


Samsung Galaxy A21s Review

The Samsung Galaxy A21s is an upgraded version of the A20s, sitting squarely in the mid-tier range of the A-Series smartphones. The company didn’t disappoint by packing some nifty new features into this little pocket supercomputer, including some that you would expect to find in a flagship device. Under the Hood The engine room is where it all happens and the Galaxy A21s packs a powerful Exynos 850 Octa-Core processor and 3GB of RAM to deliver smooth and efficient performance. You can even play Call of Duty on the minimum graphics setting with a surprisingly smooth frame rate. In terms of storage, the A21s has 32GB of internal memory with the ability to add a microSD card of up to 512GB. On the software front, the Galaxy A21s runs the core version of One UI 2.1 and Android 10, giving you access to many new features, such as night-mode, one-handed mode, dual messenger and digital wellbeing. Screen and Body The A21s is exactly what you’d expect from a mid-tier Samsung smartphone. The device has a plastic back with an attractive gradient finish that gives it a premium look and comes in a selection of two colours – black and blue. The Galaxy A21s sports a 6.5-inch Infinity O Display screen with a punch-hole in the top corner which is great for viewing your favourite videos or playing games. Similar to other devices, the A21s has a height of 163.7-millimetres and weighs 192-grams. Quad Camera Setup Normally, you’d never expect a quad camera arrangement on a mid-tier device, but that’s exactly where Samsung shines with their A Series in their drive to make higher-end features accessible on lower-end devices. The main camera is a 48MP lens that takes vibrant images with a great dynamic range. The 8MP Ultra Wide camera allows you to capture more in an image, extending up to 123-degrees. If you want to take close-up shots then the 2MP Macro camera is ideal alongside the 2MP Depth camera which allows you to adjust the depth of field before and after you take the shot. The 13MP front-facing camera provides high-quality, clear photos with the ability to use Live Focus to blur out the background. Incredible Battery Life If we had to pick one feature that stood out from the Samsung Galaxy A21s it would be the battery. The company touted it as ‘The Marathon Champ’ since it slapped on a 5,000mAh soldier that allows you to stream, game, share and call without needing to find a power outlet. The phone also supports 15W fast charging, which means you can top up your power in a little over two hours. Other Features The rear fingerprint sensor is a nice touch along with facial recognition for security. Traditional users will be pleased to hear that the A21s has kept the 3.5-mm headphone jack input. Verdict The Samsung Galaxy A21s definitely packs a punch with some high-end features on a mid-tier device. It’s an appealing prospect, especially when you consider the beast of a battery that accompanies it.