Review: The Samsung A32 4G is here!

Moe from Mondo / 20-04-2021 / Reviews

Samsung’s newest offering launched last month. Rest assured, the A32 has some impressive tricks up its sleeve - on a budget!

Under the Hood

The first in the A series range to boast the 90Hz Super AMOLED display, the A32 provides a crisp, clean viewing experience with high refresh rate.

The device memory is the same as other mid-range smartphones on the market - 64GB with 4GB RAM or 128GB with 4GB - 8GB RAM.

The device comes equipped with the latest software (Android 11) right out the box which is a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Screen and Body

There is no compromise on screen size when compared to its predecessor, the A31. Gamers will be impressed by the smooth operation the A32 has on offer.

The brightness of the A32’s display and the safety net of the Eye Comfort Shield (which makes the brightness manageable for your eyes) is another point in this device’s favour.

This smartphone is slickly designed. The camera is embedded within the casing – rather than situated on an island as we've become accustomed to – adding to the A32's sleek look.

Released in four colours in some countries, South African's are limited to two versions – Awesome Black and Awesome Blue. Although this isn't much of a pain point because Awesome Blue is bright and funky enough to hold its own.


Quad cameras are the standard we’ve come to expect when with smartphones and the A32 doesn’t disappoint. The primary lens is an impressive 64 MP camera equipped to capture every moment in striking colour.

Extra camera capabilities include an 8 MP Ultra-Wide, a 5 MP Macro and a 5 MP Depth Sensor with autofocus to make your subjects truly stand out. Selfie fans won’t be disappointed either, not with the 20 MP selfie camera that puts the focus on what really matters – you!


For all its awesome specs, it’s the A32's battery that really let’s this device shine.

Capable of going nearly two days without a charge, supported by 15W quick-charge, this is a fantastic option for those who are constantly on the go.


This is an outstanding budget smartphone. Coupled with the phone’s battery life and excellent display, it’s sure to be a firm favourite in 2021.


Why the HONOR X9b Should Be Your Next Smartphone: Review

HONOR has a new game-changing mid-tier device on the market. Even though it boasts many standout features, does the HONOR X9b have what it takes to be your next smartphone?Capture Everything The X9b has a massive 108MP main camera and is loaded with other cool features like motion capture, and “lossless” zoom in addition to the 5MP ultra-wide angle camera, the 2MP macro camera and the 16MP front camera.Altogether, the camera experience is pretty outstanding for the price. It allows you to snap clear, detailed shots in all lighting environments.Power That LastsImagine a phone that can last for three whole days without needing to be charged. That's the kind of power the HONOR X9b brings to the table. Even under high usage, you won’t be frantically searching for a charger. Plus, the 5800mAh battery has a 3-year anti-aging guarantee for added protection.Game OnIf you’re a gamer, the HONOR X9b is equipped with a super-fast processor and loads of memory, making it perfect for your needs. It’s backed up by massive storage so you'll have space for all your favourite games too.Tough Inside and OutDon’t let the slim design of this device fool you. Not only is the HONOR X9b sleek and stylish, but it's also one of the toughest smartphones around right now. It boasts 360° anti-drop protection, making it durable and ready for whatever life throws at it – even the ground. This phone isn't just a pretty face – it's built to last.The powerful camera, long-lasting battery, top-notch performance and price make the HONOR X9b a major contender in 2024.Don’t want to miss out? Own yours now on Mondo


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There’s a lot being said about HONOR’s newly released smartphone, the X7b.If you’re looking for a new smartphone that does it all in 2024, this device may be the answer. It’s packed with features and the price is just right. Here's what the HONOR X7b has under the hood.Picture-Perfect CameraThe HONOR X7b comes with a fantastic camera that lets you capture all your favourite moments in stunning detail. Say goodbye to blurry photos and hello to sharp, clear images.Its impressive photo and video recording quality is a standout feature for a phone in this range. It features a 48MP main camera and offers a high pixel density of 389 PPI, which means it lets you capture more detailed images compared to other smartphones. You also get continuous autofocus when recording so your videos are always hyper-focussed.Massive StorageRunning out of space on your phone can be a real pain, but with the HONOR X7b, that won't be a problem. You'll have plenty of room for all your apps, photos and videos thanks to the device’s 8GB+ 256GB extra-large storage capacity.Long-Lasting BatteryThe HONOR X7b's battery lasts a really, really long time. It can go 18.5 hours without a charge when it comes to online streaming and more than a day of constant social browsing! The 6000mAh battery is backed by a 35W supercharge so charge times are kept to a minimum.Comfortable HoldThe HONOR X7b was designed to fit perfectly in your hand, making it ideal for those long streaming sessions and phone calls with your other half. The 6.8 inch screen gives you a big and bold viewing experience, while the ultra-slim frame makes this device a breeze to carry around.So, if you're looking for a smartphone that's reliable, easy to use and has all the features you need, the HONOR X7b could be your perfect fit.Find your deal now at


Samsung Galaxy S24 vs Galaxy S23: What's In, What's Out, & What's Wow

The smallest, most affordable phones in the Galaxy S series line up are always packed with big features that give them a unique edge over their pricier siblings. But the big question is; Is it worth upgrading to the brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 from the Galaxy S23?Sit tight, because we're spilling the details on all the new features of the Galaxy S24 while keeping you in the loop on the features that are sticking around.To switch or not to switch? Let’s help you decide!A display that won’t ghost youThe Galaxy S24 stepped up its display game from its older sibling, rocking a larger screen at 6.2 inches and a peak brightness that skyrocketed from 1750 nits to 2600 nits. And it's not just the entry-level Galaxy S24 getting the VIP treatment – the entire range enjoys a peak brightness boost, making these new flagship smartphones the brightest Samsung has ever released. Now, what does this mean for your viewing experience? Well, let's just say your display won't ghost you under the scorching sun; it's visible under any lighting condition, even on the sunniest days.Now, don't go thinking the Galaxy S23 is ancient history. Samsung is carrying over a few fan-favourite features, including the FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display for crystal clear viewing, the Adaptive Vision Booster that ensures your screen brightness adapts seamlessly to the environment, and let's not forget the adaptive refresh rate ranging from 1 to 120Hz, giving you both buttery smooth scrolling and smart battery-saving measures. Some things are just too good to let go!Cameras: A winning formula with an iconic twistCamera enthusiasts, listen up – if you have a soft spot for the Galaxy S23's snapping power, you're in for a treat. Samsung has brought back the winning team: the 50MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, 10MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom and 12MP selfie snapper. And now, for the big reveal – upgrades! The entire Galaxy S24 series is diving headfirst into the AI world with the new AI ProVisual engine.This means that although the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 share the same camera hardware, the new generation levels up your photos using ground-breaking AI technology. The results are better zoom capabilities, enhanced Super HDR and innovative photo-editing features.Remember the legendary 30X Space Zoom on the Galaxy S23? Well, the Galaxy S24 decided to shake things up and ditch the Space Zoom feature. Why, you ask? Because it's armed with advanced AI that brings you even better zoomed-in shots. Whether you're capturing the moon or just zooming in on the pizza across the room, the Galaxy S24 has the magic touch for detailed shots, no matter the distance.Shifting gears to the Super HDR upgrade – it's not just about elevating your snapshots; it's aiming to turn your social media presence into something downright iconic. That’s because when you post your HDR photos or videos on Instagram, it holds onto the same quality. In fact, the entire Galaxy S24 range is the first to offer this feature. At the launch event for the new Galaxy smartphones, Samsung's VP of Intelligent Imaging, Dr. Hamid Sheikh, introduced the upgrade saying, “Every photo and video you take, or view, will be shown in its full range of colour and contrast, from the moment you snap the content, to the moment you post.”Photo editing has also received the AI touch with Generative Edit to fill in backgrounds, remove unwanted objects and rearrange elements to create shots that steal the spotlight.Circle to Search: A fun way to find infoGuess what's making Google searches easier than before? Enter One UI 6.1 and Android AI, teaming up to bring you the game-changing Circle to Search feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24. Now, you can find info about the world around you by circling objects that pique your interest, be it on social media platforms, messages, or even the real world.Spotted a mysterious landmark? Simply long-press the home button, circle the mystery and Google Search results will pop up automatically without opening another app. You can even use Circle to Search to ask complex questions about images or text. This feature plays nice with other gestures too. Whether you're scribbling, tapping, or highlighting, searching for answers just got a whole lot more fun. Breaking the language barrierSmarter AI is the central factor that differentiates the Samsung Galaxy S24 from the Galaxy S23 and the upgrades just keep coming. Enter Live Translate – a new feature making communication a breeze, whether you're talking on the phone or texting. During a call, Live Translate instantly interprets the conversation, offering audible or text translations. It supports up to 13 languages. Plus, the Samsung keyboard is getting in on the action, translating words and phrases as you type.All this AI needs a powerhouse chipsetStepping away from the Galaxy S23's uniformity, where every model boasts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, the Galaxy S24 line-up is taking a nostalgic detour, reviving the multi-chip approach reminiscent of older generations. In the entry-level Galaxy S24, some regions get the shiny new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, while others, including South Africa, get Samsung's latest Exynos 2400.The Exynos 2400 is not just quick on its feet but makes powerful AI capabilities possible, from snappy photo editing and real-time translations to enhanced gaming with lifelike graphics and improved battery life that gives you an extra 4 hours of video playback time compared to the Galaxy S23. Because who needs a low battery warning when you're engrossed in your favourite series?Verdict: Fresh, innovative, excitingSo, should you ditch the Galaxy S23 for the Galaxy S24? No hard feelings for the predecessor, but when it comes to AI capabilities alone, it’s a big yes from us! From the display, cameras and powerhouse performance to reimagining online searches and breaking language barriers, the Galaxy S24 is upgraded in so many ways. It’s perfect for those looking for a smartphone experience that feels fresh, innovative and exciting without spending top dollar.